Here's to the heroes!

Join Mount Nittany Health in thanking healthcare workers everywhere who are laboring tirelessly on the front lines. To all our staff that keep things running, you're our heroes.

See what others are saying about their healthcare heroes, and add some praise of your own

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Nurses appreciated

I would like to thank my ER doctor, all the nurses who helped me through quite a scare in the ER. My surgeon’s and their staff of nurses. Most of all I would like to thank Emma on the 3rd floor. She has been excellent with all patients and I can see her care and compassion in her job. She has made me feel safe.

Brandi Korman
Nurses appreciated

I would like to thank my ER doctor, all the nurses who helped me through quite a scare in the ER. My surgeon’s and their staff of nurses. Most of all I would like to thank Emma on the 3rd floor. She has been excellent with all patients and I can see her care and compassion in her job. She has made me feel safe.

Brandi Korman
With ALL our Thanks

THANK YOU. We are so blessed to have such dedicated people helping our community.
The Rotary Club of State College

This is just a small token of our appreciation of all the dedication and hard work of the Mount Nittany Medical Center Healthcare workers

Chuck Carroll
Angels on Earth

Thank you for all you do to care for folks.

Rotarians and community members appreciate you!

With gratitude,
Debbie, SC Rotarian

Debbie Fudrow
To our many Unsung Heroes!

“From the Heart of State College Rotary” –

Thank you to all of our ‘unsung heroes’ who work tireless hours away from their family to take care of our community!

Thank you for all you do!

Kim Intorre

Kim Intorre
From the heart of Rotary we THANK YOU!

We were so lucky today to get a chance to personally thank some of the health care heros who continue to keep our community healthy! Please know that the work that you all do every day is very appreciated, not just by the Rotary Clubs who brought you the pretzels today, but all of Centre County every day. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication.
Molly Kunkel

Molly Kunkel
Thank you for always being there.

Most of take for granted that our hospital will be there when we need it; and you always are.

Thank you to the dedicated, skilled, and compassionate staff at MNMC. You are all important. You are all heroes. You are all appreciated. ❤️

From the heart of Rotary, we THANK YOU!

Tracy Sepich
Thanks from State College Rotary

My wife Christine recently retired from service as a nurse from Mt. Nittany. She always spoke to me about how hard working and passionate everyone was at work, and how many long hours she and her Co workers put in to get the job done.

Thank you all for your hard work and service to all of us in our community.


Ray Papale
State College Rotary

Raymond Papale
Praisefrom Rotary

The staffs been doing a great job in far from great circumstances!!!!!

Elliot Abrams

Elliot Abrams

“From the heart of Rotary, we THANK YOU!, Thanks for all that you do. Have done. And will continue to do.
Thanks for going above and beyond. Marce

Marce Pancio
Thank you Healthcare workers

From the heart of Rotary, we THANK YOU! We are so appreciative of all the hours spent taking care of patients, the many sacrifices made during the pandemic, and dedication to your community.

Thank you for all you do.

State College Sunrise Rotary

Tiffany Mathias
Retired State College elementary teacher

Thank you for your dedication and hard work during this very long Covid pandemic. The entire State College Rotary Club appreciates the sacrifices you’ve made the past two years as this disease ravaged our community.

Bonnie Abrams
Thank you from your Friends at Rotary!

From the Heart of Rotary – Thank you for all that you have done for our community. We appreciate each and every one of you and all you have done to keep our community safe and well. Thanks so much!

Carrie Ryan
Thank you for your courage and care

We are so grateful and lucky to have such dedicated nurses, doctors, and staff during this terrible time of CoVid. Your true grit, determination, and deep devotion to patients is truly amazing! We support you and hope that you have the resources you need to take care of yourselves, too.
Thank you from all of us!

Deb Smith
Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has been on the front lines of this pandemic. You are truly heroes!

Stefan Lewellen
Many Thanks

In early January I had relatively minor, but necessary surgery done at MNMC. I was totally impressed by the professionalism of every single staff member. I was treated well at every step in the process. I light of the current pandemic, I fully appreciate the challenges and frustration the staff is dealing with in order to perform their jobs.

I think the staff is doing amazing work and deserves every accolade for their professionalism.

Drew Von Tish
Thank you, courageous staff!

Dear health care staff,
Our hearts go out to you in gratitude for your efforts, every day, in this relentless pandemic. You are heroes in the eyes of many and we cannot thank you enough for you dedication and care of your patients. Sending strength, healing and caring wishes for your well-being as we move forward in 2022!
Susan and Pat Morse

Susan N. Morse

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone at Mount Nittany Health, you continue to be our heroes.

Lynn Martire
Thank you!!

I gave birth in October 2020 when COVID was still relatively new. The doctors, nurses, and staff in the maternity ward were AMAZING!!!! I can’t thank them enough for all they did for my husband and I and new baby during a very anxious time. They showed compassion and love during what I can only imagine was an extremely stressful period (and still is!). My one regret is I didn’t write down all their names so I could thank them individually!

Heather Lowe
Thank you!

Thank you to everyone employed at MNMC for your selfless commitment to our community during the pandemic. You are our heroes!

Cari Gustafson
What you do everyday means so much to us!

I’ve had this need to publicly express my appreciation for Mount Nittany Medical Center. When my husband, Ted, was admitted to MNMC for Covid I have to admit I was worried. I didn’t hear the best reviews. My husband was able to call on occasion, but we mostly texted. He told me how much he liked the food there. I was pretty insulted, but after hearing that others liked it too I didn’t take it as personally. Lol. He also said how much he appreciated the nurses, doctors and staff. He said he could honestly see that they cared. Sure, there was a few that were short with him or rude. You have this anywhere, but for the most part he really felt cared for.

After 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital my husband suddenly took a turn for the worse and needed to be ventilated. We were devastated was an understatement. We basically said our goodbyes through text because he was coughing too much to speak. The kids and I cried so much I didn’t think we could cry anymore! It’s now day 13 on the vent. He’s been moved out of the Covid unit and I’ve been able to visit with him. Let me tell you, NOTHING can prepare you to see your loved one hooked up to hoses keeping him alive. Nothing. No TV show, no newspaper articles. It’s shocking and I don’t know how I didn’t faint. Well, I do. Prayer, but that’s a whole other story. The staff was there to help talk me through this. One said, we see this everyday, but *you* only see it once. They were beyond compassionate and I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without their support. Literally. Every hour is touch and go for my husband. It’s a nightmare of a rollercoaster.

What I’m really here to say is that I can’t believe how amazing the staff have been here at MNMC. It’s like they’ve been through a war! I’m not kidding. No one signed up to experience this much pain, this much death! They’re going through a war every single day, and then go to the grocery store like everyone else. They watch the world go by around them while they’re experiencing Covid and it’s horrible wake. You can see it in their eyes! Yes, some need to desensitize to function. I totally get that. I want them to know my husband, so I show “before” photos, photos of the kids and their dad, and then I see it. The tears in their eyes. It’s so traumatizing. How could it not be? The feeling of loss. Constantly. They NEED a win. I hope it’s my husband. It might not be, but I do know they’re doing their best. Their best IS good enough. They’re experienced, efficient and talented. We should be so fortunate to have this facility and their amazing staff help treat our loved ones.

PLEASE thank the staff, nurses, PA’s, doctors, technicians, front desk clerks, everyone that works in the health care right now. I don’t know how they do it everyday. They’re amazing and they NEED your support and encouragement to keeping doing what they’re doing, especially as we enter another wave of Covid illness. — at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

Michelle Edwards

I was in there for some pre-op testing last month. Although my surgery has been postponed due to covid, the staff that I did deal with were exceptionally kind and helpful. I truly appreciated their attention to detail. I can’t wait for my surgery to be rescheduled. Thank you for all you do.

Jennifer Esworthy

Thank you to all the staff at Mt Nittany, custodians thank you for making the place clean, especially as the winter weather arrives, Admins and staff thank you for putting on smiles even if masks hide them, nurses thank you for your endless caring and giving more and more of yourself each day, thank you to the doctors and surgeons for providing care everyday and performing surgery’s. Thank you to the food staff for keeping up the health of everyone in the hospital. Thank you to all who serves the community and put them first!! God bless you all.

Thank you!

There truly are no words for the depth of gratitude we have for all that you do to take care of our community. We are so appreciative of your non-stop dedication to our well-being. We know that you are worn out and emotionally drained and we are so sorry. Please know that there are many of us trying hard to stop the spread of the virus, doing our part and then some to try to keep people out of the hospital. We wish that we could do so much more. Thank you for pushing through and putting up with those who cannot, for goodness knows what reason, see the big picture to help others. Without you, we are sunk. God bless.

Lisa Marsh

For your service
For everything you do
For every life you save
For every hand you hold
For every chance you take
For every sacrifice you make
For being there for our community

Tammy Jane Falls
Thank you

Your dedication is so appreciated.

Carrie C Koch
Thank You!

Thank you so much for all you’re doing to help keep this pandemic from worsening!
I work with young children and my heart hurts each time one of them has to quarantine or is exposed to someone with COVID. Just going into work and having fewer and fewer children each day is scary for me. If this pandemic has affected my life and job so much, I can only imagine how it has affected yours.
I look up to all of you and I’m so thankful for everything you’re doing to keep us safe. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!
-A local student/preschool teacher

Claire Topper

I know I speak for many when I send along my deepest gratitude for the selfless work you’ve done during the pandemic.
We can never imagine the strength evidenced and it isn’t over yet.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Richard Biever
State College Borough Councilperson Elect

Richard Biever

Thank you to all our frontline health care workers. I pray for your continued strength and resolve.

Amanda Shedlock

I don’t know how you do it! Your jobs are difficult, but the last 20 months have been over the top difficult!
THANK YOU for getting up each day and helping others!

Holly Walker

I am thankful to all our healthcare providers, always have been.; scamdemic or not!

Pat T
Med/Tele Work Family :)

Thank you to Hulzie S. & Jill M. for helping out on our unit and taking teams. Thank you to all Med/Tele Staff members for all you do on a daily basis. You all handle anything that gets thrown at you with strength and confidence. Way to continue working as a team during one of the most declining periods of healthcare. You all are not recognized enough for all your hard work and dedication to your unit and patients!!

Lyndsay Steiner
Thank You

I am truly grateful for the more than 2,000 members of the Mount Nittany staff who contribute to providing care for 100,000 of your neighbors each year to keep our community strong. Your work is always challenging and never more challenging than these past two years. Thank you and god bless your continued good health, strength and perseverance.

Marty Bradley
So very grateful for your grace filled service

Though we are transitioning from Happy Valley, we remain so grateful for the tireless and gracious service of all of the front line (and behind the scenes) folks who give so much of themselves for our wonderful community. To know you are at the ready, able to care for the many of complex challenges inherent in your callings is such a blessing to those of us who much of the time just take your presence for granted. Your care, compassion and the confidence we all have in our local health care system is a tremendous blessing to the community.

May God richly bless you all in your service and in your lives.

With much gratitude,

Ed and Missy Babcock

Ed and Missy Babcock
So Grateful

As an employee at MNMC I see the wonderful staff of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, radiology, lab, nutrition services, environmental services, respiratory therapy, medical oncology, radiation oncology taking care of patients everyday. While I myself am not in direct patient care I have watched for almost the past two years this wonderful staff of friends take care of really sick people. I am grateful for each and everyone of them.

Amy Traxler
Pandemic warriors!

Privileged to have you fighting as pandemic warriors!
Thank you immensely.

Alan Fiermonte
Thank you

Thank you to the courageous team at Mount Nittany Health. Your caring dedication during impossible times, made the difference in so many lives, Bless you all.

Margy Boal
Thank You

Thank you very much for your service! You are all heroes to me and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and your families. Please stay safe.

Cindy Lupton

To the FrontLine Heroes at Mount Nittany Health:
Thank you for showing up every day to fight for the breath and the lives of our neighbors and friends.
This past week you cared for my loved one in the COVID unit – I hated that he was there and worried every second of every day, but I was completely confident that Dr Suita and Dr Thomas and all of the nurses and others were caring well for him.
We are blessed to have every one of you who shows up every day to fight this COVID war. None of us understand how hard this is on all of you – emotionally, physically and even spiritually.
You are all in my daily prayers. Thank you for everything that you do every day for all of us.

Danielle M
So many thanks

Thank you to all of the health care providers that attended to the Covid emergency with courage, grace, and personal sacrifice. You are the heroes our children should admire most.

Rebecca Henn
Thank you for caring

I hope you are all safe. I appreciate your compassion and patience.

Mary Wujek
Thank you!

Thank you to the Mt. Nittany staff. We live below the hill and I often look up and pray for you. I pray that you can have perseverance to get through the hard days. This community appreciates the great care you provide.

Rebecca Eltz
Thank you

Thank you for your selfless commitment to the health of our community!

Horacio Perez-Blanco
Thank you!


My name is Dave Vactor and I spent 12 days in your care due to COVID-19. As a watch the news of spikes in transmission I just wanted to thank Dr. Thomas and all of the staff I had contact with. My first time ever being in the hospital could not have been better. I thank you all for saving my life. I am now vaccinated and my family is vaccinated. We are committed to wearing masks so that beds can be available for those who need it. Please stay safe and strong and know that people are rooting and caring for you!!

Dave Vactor

May God bless the three nurses who were at the right place at the right time, for helping the woman in the altercation outside the building.

Jeanne Swartz

Recently was in Mt Nittany Medical Center and those words are so true dedication, compassion and commitment. Nurses working 12 hour shifts and picking up extra shifts.! Custodial and food staff greeting you with a smile and hello ! Everyone caring about your needs. These are special people ! And a big shout out to emergency room nurses and second floor in moderate critical care !

Joy Schon
Thank you!

Thank you to all the nurses out there helping everyone out. It is greatly appreciated with what all you have to do especially during the last year.
I especially want to thank the awesome nurses that I had the other weekend when I gave birth at Mount Nittany. They were amazing and helpful and I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. I never had a bad experience and I’ve always been thankful for that. Even with my first son I had an amazing crew of nurses there to help. I know I can’t personally do what you guys do so I’m thankful that you guys can!

Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you, Nurses, wherever you serve in the Mount Nittany Health system – you are integral to the well-being of this community. You have cared for our family with knowledge, empathy, and efficiency. For your hours of service and hearts filled with concern and kindness, you are seen and appreciated. Please keep doing what you are doing. It’s so important!

Cristina Houtz
Thank You So Much!

There are simply no words adequate enough to fully show the deep gratitude I – and countless others – have for the nurses at Mount Nittany Health! When I was there, the nursing staff was one of the top sources for my intense pride, and I know they still are. So to a group of very special people on your very special day – thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for so many each and every day! God bless you all!

Steve Brown, retired CEO

Steve Brown
So thankful!

Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job!! I gave birth last April when things were still really, really scary as little was known about Covid transmission and the nurses in the maternity ward were AMAZING! My husband was unable to stay overnight with me and our newborn and the nurses went above and beyond to make sure that I had everything I needed and that I felt comfortable. I chatted with many of them about how difficult of time it was juggling children being home from school, childcare behind closed, and still needing to work during such an uncertain time. I am still in awe at their drive to provide healthcare during such a scary time while also dealing with childcare or other family issues. I’ve thought of all of you many times over the past year. You are all rockstars!!

Sue Seman
You are our heroes 💕

Thank you for all you have done for your patients and the overall community during this unusual time. Your courage and bravery has not gone unnoticed. Thank you so very much!

margy boal
Unsung Heroes

An unsung hero is a person who has achieved great things or committed acts of bravery or self-sacrifice, yet is not celebrated or recognized. An unsung hero may be someone who acts bravely in battle without notice, or someone who sacrifices himself for the good of the group, without recognition. All of the men and women helping during this time and every day are true Unsung Heroes.

There Are Not Enough Words

To all health care workers on every level, we owe such gratitude and thanks. While some complained about wearing a mask & not being able to go about their daily routine, you got up every day & faced a deadly pandemic with grace & courage. Hopefully people will take responsibility & get vaccinated & follow safe guidelines to help you get this under control. May you and yours stay safe. ❤

Cheryl Bilinsky
Thank You

I want to tell whoever is in charge of this hospital, the RNs and CNAs are wonderful. The dedication to the patient is exceptional in 3E. This is my second time I had to get operated on here and I have had to go to other hospitals, but would rate this hospital number one. I live 45 minutes away and if it was three hours, I would make the trip to come here.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the health care workers who have shown incredible courage and patience during the pandemic, and who continue to make the health and safety our our community a priority.

Dawn Amsberry

A huge thank you is warranted for all who have been working to curb this pandemic. All healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, and staff have been working tirelessly to keep the community safe, and we are greatly appreciative. Thank you for your strength during this difficult time. We are grateful to have caring professionals here to help.

Kailey Bitonti
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear health care workers,

Thank you for all you have done, all you have sacrificed, during this pandemic. It has been an uncertain and scary time. Many like myself were scared to leave their houses and yet workers like you went in, every day, to save lives. While many doubted the existence of the virus, you helped those who were truly suffering. Your bravery, strength and perseverance are inspiring.

Bless you!

Gabrielle Rovito

I just wanted to thank and commend everyone involved in the Covid vaccine clinic. I was there yesterday for my first vaccine and was so impressed with the process that is in place at MNMC. Whomever is in charge of that clinic knows how to do it right. Someone posted at every station to move you forward at a fast pace without any confusion. I was out of there before I was even supposed to have received my vaccine. When you can make a complicated process feel that simple to the general public, you are a rock star. Thank you and everyone involved in being a part of the solution. I am proud to have MNMC in our community. We are very lucky. Thanks again. Stay healthy.

Barbara Robuck
A Bad Year… turning out OK

I’m not sure words can express the gratitude I feel for everyone at Mt. Nittany. It’s been a bad year for me with a blood clot ,surgery for a cyst removed and a heart attack a few weeks later. Everyone was exceptional and kept me safe. I just received my Covid vaccine and truly wanted to cry. Thank you for making my life better. I don’t use the word Hero’s lightly. ❤️ Dr.Sahin and Dr. Jones are the BEST

Leslie Rapsey-Thompson

Thank-you for your extremely hard work and dedication during this difficult year. You are all angels among us, not to mention, our heroes.

Mary Prendergast
Thank You

We got our first dose this morning. When we walked in, we did not know what to expect and were a little uneasy. We were greeted outside by a gentlemen with a friendly voice and big smile. Inside, we were directed to the registration table and then to the vaccinator. On the way through, everyone had big smiles, were extremely friendly and show great enthusiasm and ability at their jobs. You made us feel welcome and at home and we thank you all for that. When this is over, the world should throw all healthcare workers at all levels, a big party!

Thank you, take care and stay healthy!

Christopher B Riddell
You are awesome !

Thank you ! You are great and much appreciated. Everyone of you !

marjorie L wisker
Thank you To all our Medical workers

No matter your title or department we appreciate all that everyone does to keep us safe. Thank you from the Mayor of Clarence.

Gary Halsnik
Thank you!

Student’s from Bellefonte Elementary School created cards to show their gratitude to all the staff at Mount Nittany Hospital!

Bellefonte Elementary School
Thank You!!

Our sincere thanks goes out to all medical and environmental services staff who have been and continue to fight this battle!♡


Thank you for your dedication and determination. We appreciate your efforts and understand that you are on the front line of this pandemic. God bless each of you.

A prayer for essential workers in the pandemic – Round in Common Time

Round in Common Time is a choral piece, written in the spring of 2020 to express love, gratitude and support for all of the essential workers in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Musician and poet Laura Mazza-Dixon composed the piece as a song/prayer for those who are risking their lives to help the rest of us survive these perilous times. I send it to all the Mount Nittany healthcare workers with my thanks for all you are doing to care for us.

A State College native, Laura is the daughter of Maralyn and S. Paul Mazza Jr. and resides in Granby, Connecticut.

Her hope is that this would be a song that could be sung by the family members and friends of nurses, doctors and others who help those suffering from the virus. It has been presented several times in virtual performances at churches in Connecticut.

The English text is here….

Round in Common Time

Take all our strength into your hands,
our love into your hearts,

And go where love is calling you,
though we must be apart.

Let every prayer surround you,
protect you from all harm.

Laura Mazza-Dixon
Kudos to you all!

My husband spent the day at Mount Nittany for something serious, but other than covid. When I was told I could not come in with him, I got a taste of what it must be like for the loved ones of covid, and just as quickly realized what it must be like for you folks to have to tell them they can’t come in. My husband came home that evening and told me that, even with all that is going on, the staff were friendly, helpful and professional, which made him feel so much better. Thank you so much for that, and for shouldering the burden of everyone’s anxiety on top of it. Hard times, but I feel so much confidence in having you all there to help!

Elizabeth (Beth) Trimble
There Is Hope & Thank You All!

To: All Mt Nittany Health & Support Staff!
A very warm thank you for the support and health services that you all provide to our community! Your care, support and dedication do not go without notice. I was recently there for surgery & labs follow-up and saw this sunrise. It was a good reminder that change is constant and the sun will rise again. Like everyone, I look forward to the day when this SARS-2 COVID mess is just a memory, and our lives get to a new-normal. I hope you are all remembering to do what you can to care for yourselves as well! Special thank you to: 3rd west Nursing, Joy M., Susan T., Hans R., & Courtney. You Rock! 🙂

Scott Neidigh
There Is Hope & Thank You All!

To: All Mt Nittany Health & Support Staff!
A very warm thank you for the support and health services that you all provide to our community! Your care, support and dedication do not go without notice. I was recently there for surgery & labs follow-up and saw this sunrise. It was a good reminder that change is constant and the sun will rise again. Like everyone, I look forward to the day when this COVID mess is just a memory, and our lives get to a new-normal. I hope you are all remembering to do what you can to care for yourselves as well! Special thank you to: 3rd west Nursing, Joy M., Susan T., Hans R., & Courtney. You Rock! 🙂

Scott Neidigh
Real Heroes

Dear Healthcare Heroes,

You are true heroes! There are no words that can express how deeply I appreciate what you do but I will make my voice heard to our representatives to make sure you are given the PPE and support you need and deserve. I’ll support you in every way that I can.

You are in my prayers!

Christopher Younken
Sending our love and appreciation

Thank you for all of your courage, sacrifice, and commitment to your patients and staff during this extremely uncertain time. Mount nittany has always been and continues to be a wonderful facility, always dedicated to excellent treatment.


Allison Senkevich
Thank you!

Many thanks to all of the healthcare personnel at Mt. Nittany Health and beyond — your efforts are very much appreciated, even if we cannot say so in person! Thank you for helping to keep our community in good health!

Moriah Szpara
Thank you!

To all the staff at Mount Nittany Medical Center and all the Mount Nittany sites,

A huge THANKS for your incredible dedication during this pandemic to keep folks well and to treat those who are ill! Your sacrifice is enormous. Know that your protection is prayed for on a daily basis.

Thank you all!

Peggy Myers

Margaret P Myers
Thank you, thank you!

Thank you so much for all the caring, courage, strength and hard work you demonstrate on a daily basis as you take care of your patients. You are all heroes who deserve so much gratitude for your contributions to our society. You are attending to the physical and emotional needs of so many, while you are undoubtedly experiencing incredible physical and emotional fatigue yourselves. I can not say thank you enough! Thank you, thank you!

Nancy Pollack
Thank you

Thank you, health care workers, for your bravery and persistence.

Natalie Harrison

Thank you each very much for risking yourselves and working so hard to care for those who have been stricken with COVID! You care for each one, whether they have been following guidance or not. You are exhibiting true love for others and that really positively impacts all of us! Thank you!

Jack Watson
Thank You!


Thank you for your dedicated support of our community by
taking risks to your own health! 👩‍⚕️ Nurses, 👨‍⚕️ doctors, 🚑 medics, 🏥 hospital staff, and 🧼 🧽 cleaning experts!

Now, we need to encourage everyone to get vaccinated 💉 (especially our older community 👵🏼👨🏾‍🦳) so we can get rid of


Janis Smith

A simple Thank You hardly seems enough! Please know that my Thank You is heartfelt. I am so proud of the commitment and dedication that is shown everyday through your selfless efforts. I am the “Proud Mother” of a First Responder who is on the front lines everyday. You are exceptional human beings! Be Safe All.

Melissa Lutz
Thanks to all the Nurses & Doctors

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my mom when she was admitted for 4 days in November for COVID. Each day I called and talked to the nurses regarding her progress and what treatments she was receiving. I am sure that gets overwhelming on top of their regular responsibilities but they were always so gracious, kind and willing to talk through everything. Two that I know that I talked to were Ali and Becca. Their kind hearts helped but me and my siblings at ease over her care and progress. We really can’t thank you enough.

Jeffrey Shoemaker
Thank You !

Thank you for being there every day of this long siege of Covid 19.

It means more than I can say that you are there for all of us.

I have been staying home and masked always when any contact with persons is possible. I live alone in a remote corner of the county. I’m 74 and in good general health. Trying to do my part.
Thank you for your sacrifices to protect all of us.

Dana Harlan
Thank You

We appreciate so much your tireless efforts to keep us informed and do your very best to respond to this horrible pandemic. You are our final lifeline, and we are grateful for your dedication and professionalism in all you do. Thank you so much.

Anne M Cortese
Above and beyond

Thank you all for doing more than anyone could ask to keep us well. We will continue to do what we can to not make your job any harder.
Know you are appteciated.

Loretta Zehngut

All of us at Boalsburg Car Company are deeply grateful to all of the healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to keep our community safe. Thank you for everything you do, everything you’ve sacrificed, and for your resilience during this difficult time. We appreciate you!

Boalsburg Car Company

Sending you heart-felt “thanks” for your courage and commitment to caring for patients during COVID-19. You are everyday heroes with very hard jobs.

We appreciate all that you do!

Susan and Patrick Morse

Susan N. Morse
Thank you sign

Thank you

Thank you sign



Thank you.





Thank you sign

Thank you

Thank You!!!

“You do a lot for people and it makes people better. You get shots at doctors and it makes people better.”

Thank you,

–Matthew M.

Matthew Maggi

Dear Health Care Workers and Support Staff,

Thank you for choosing the profession that you did. Your care, knowledge, and passion are greatly appreciated.
Take Care and Wishing You a Healthy and Peaceful 2021!

Thank you,

Beth Anne Eckert
Care and service…

Was in the hospital 5 days over Christmas and the staff and all the caregivers were so kind in every aspect of caring for me as a patient. Best hospital care near and far! Thanks to all the staff at Mount Nittany Medical Center…YOU ALL ROCK!

Patricia A Korus

Father God please lay your hands on each and every care nurse,nurse,janitorial staff,dietary ,Dr.s and family’s .please take them through this terrible time we are going through give them the strength and courage to continue on.amen I wanna thank you for all you have done your all Super hero’s in my book .God bless and alot of love !

Sheri kukla

Honestly, we are so grateful to all of the healthcare workers at our neighborhood hospital. We imagine you might be feeling weary, but hopefully seeing this outpouring of thanks can bolster your spirits!

Best wishes and thanks to you and your families.

Erin Welsh

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work in these challenging times. You are truly heroes and we appreciate all you do to help us stay healthy and safe.

Kenneth Cutler

Dear God,
Please let each worker at Mt. Nittany know that you are with them. Let them feel your loving presence as they go about their work and help them maintain their professionalism, kindness, and patience as they do their respective jobs.

Generally, I don’t care for the word ‘proud,’ but in this case it’s use is justified. I am proud of each of you for your individual commitment to care and to all of you working together to help the sick in our community. I wish you could get enough sleep and have enough reserve left for your family once you finally arrive home. I know that’s not happening now, but hope, with the vaccination, is in the air! Hang in there!

Janet and Earl Lybarger

Thank you from Pueblo, CO for all you do at your healthcare facilities. Sometimes its nice to hear from someone across the States to let you know we are going through the same thing you are and we wish you the best and take care for all of us to all of you! Make sure to self care all the time so you are strong and confident in what you do, for you and your patients.

Robin L Bush
Thank you

Thank you for all you do day in and out. We all rely on you during a global pandemic to help us with an unknown virus that jeopardizes you too. I’m sure you have had long days and nights too.

Teresa Welch

Thank-you for all that you are doing to keep our community safe during these most difficult times & for all of the sacrifices you & your families have made to do so.
Take it one day at a time & know that the days are getting to be lighter longer …let it symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel! Stay strong!

From The Henderson family Boalsburg, PA

Mary Ann Henderson

There are no words to express our gratitude for everyone’s sacrifices to serve our Community!! Thanks you!!

Brenda Belko
Thank you!

Thank you for all you do, everyday, and especially now! Every person you help is someone’s child, parent, brother or sister and we ALL appreciate everything you do to make their lives comfortable. Wishing and hoping that next year, you will be able to spend the holidays with your own loved ones!

Jane Foor
Grateful beyond words

Thank you for all you do to protect and help our community.

Sue Bloom
Thank You For Your Service

Thank you so much for your dedication and service in this time of need. As my mother and I are both at risk individuals (both over 65), we appreciate the time and effort spent on ensuring our health and safety. Please take care of yourselves in the upcoming year for a positive life and longevity.
Barbara and Jenny Dean

Jennifer Dean

Many thanks to all the health care workers in our community. I especially want to thank the staff and nurses in the Park Ave. clinic, where I have been receiving weekly allergy shots. I have always felt safe in the clinic with all the protocols instituted. I have to wait 30 minutes after receiving an injection and have witnessed first hand, week after week, the compassionate care given to all the patients arriving for appointments at the location. I admire your courage and fortitude in this pandemic, and wish you only the best in the better times to come. With gratitude, Cathi Alloway

Cathi Alloway

I would like to thank Lester Griehl and the staff in his office for their continuous top notch care for me and my family. I would also like to thank Dr Kevin Wilson and his staff for his great work in repairing my triceps. In addition I want to acknowledge Steve Shurgala for his care and concern in the area of Endocronology They are all representative of the wonderful overall dedication to the health of Centre County by Mount Nittany Health.

James Lee
Happy Holidays!

Thank you to everyone working at Mount Nittany. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Amy Davis
Thank You So Much!

To every member of the Mount Nittany family – I’ve been gone from you for four years now, but there isn’t a day goes by I don’t think about you and the incredible work you do, especially during these unique and difficult times. But having worked alongside you for many years, I know your quality and caring approach to every single patient. Words seem hardly adequate to express how desperately proud I am of you and how intensely grateful I am for each of you for what you do every day!

I wish you and your families a very safe, healthy and Happy Holiday! God bless and Merry Christmas!

Steve Brown

Steven Brown
A Special Thanks to PULMONOLOGIST Dept.

There aren’t enough words to thank the Pulmonary Dept. of Mt. Nittany. but I just want to thank all of you for the outstanding care you have given me and my family all these years. You gave me extra time with my mom, giving me time to be with my family and all of you really do care about us as patients. At times you’ve gone above and beyond, and knowing that my health is in your hands makes me know I am in the best care possible.

Tonya S Young
Thank you

Thank you for your attention and care for people with COVID-19 patients while still doing the same for your other patients.

Janet K Swim
Blessings for the Holiday Season

At this special time of year it is only fitting that we remember the really special people who touch our lives. Phil and I want to thank Dr. Pro and the entire team for their continued dedication to their patients during this trying time.
We wish you all the joys of the season, continued good health and only the best of everything in the coming year.
Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Many Blessings to all.

Erica Lutz and Phillip Gittins
Thank you!

Thank you so much for your tireless work. Thank you for the risk you are taking to help others and thank you for not losing faith in humankind. We are so sorry if you have felt disrespected by those who refuse to wear a mask and heed advise of nurses, doctors and other public health officials. We see you, and we appreciate everything you do, and we are so grateful for your work. Thank you.

Beate Brunow

Thank you for your selfless service. May God bless you and yours with health and prosperity. we are grateful.

Gail Alberini
Thank You Healthcare Workers!

Radio Park Elementary wants to thank all Healthcare Workers for their time, dedication and sacrifice!

Radio Park 1st Graders
We Support You!

Radio Park Elementary wants to thank all Healthcare Workers for their time, dedication and sacrifice!

Tiffany Brushwood
Students Love Healthcare Workers!

Radio Park Elementary wants to thank all Healthcare Workers for their time, dedication and sacrifice!

Tiffany Brushwood
Thank you for your dedication!

Thank you so much to all the health care workers throughout the Mt. Nittany Health system, for their dedication, courage, and tireless compassion for all the patients you have been treating. This has been the worst pandemic we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and you have stepped up to provide the best care to so many with the virus. Hugs and heartfelt thanks,
Deb and Tim Smith

Deb and Tim Smith
Joyous holiday

To the entire Mount Nittany family – Thank You.
The past year has not been easy for anyone.
You all have showed great grace under pressure. You are an inspirational example of good in a chaotic world.
Blessed holiday greetings to you all.
Thank you again.
Michael Salter.

Michael Salter
A lot of THANKS coming your Way!

To the Awesomely Caring and Dedicated Staff of Mount Nittany Medical Center….THANK YOU! You are thought of and appreciated and celebrated for your work on the front lines–today and every day!

Signs of appreciation coming your way as a small token to let you know you are not forgotten and are so very, very appreciated!!

Maryanne Neal

It has been a tough year all over. It has also been a very thankless year all the way around. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do at Mount Nittany, you are appreciated!! Love you!!


Jackie Hockenbury
Truly angels among us

Thank you for all you do for your community . All of you are ‘Angels among us’!

Bill Shaw
Thank you for your sacrifice!

Thank you for sacrificing your time, energy, and talent on behalf of all of us! You all are amazing!


Traci Evans
Mr. & Mrs. James Webster



Thank you for your dedication and your courage. The vast majority of us are following the CDC guidelines. We know how savage and deadly this disease can be. Please stay safe and I hope you can celebrate the Holidays in the safest way possible. My thoughts are with you💕🎄

Kathleen Weaver
Thank you for choosing Mt. Nittany!

Sincere appreciation to Dr. Thomas Covaleski — Mount Nittany’s new and so very deserving CHIEF OF STAFF! What a wonderful honor to a man who could have worked anywhere (has had multiple offers and invitations!). Dr. Covaleski is a precious gift to Mount Nittany as well as the patients and areas it serves. With so many healthcare workers working harder than we know and sacrificing much more than we will ever realize, I am forever thankful to you, especially Dr. Covaleski. This website has given me the opportunity to thank you personally — THANK YOU! Few will ever realize what you have done and sacrificed for so many. Love you — with heartfelt thanks and appreciation, pjs

Paula Stitt
Thank You For Being Here For Us

Being retired I spend most days reading books and watching TV at home, so it wasn’t difficult for my wife and me to adjust to the new way of life that the virus brought. For a long time it looked like our area was going to escape the COVID, but then it seemed to hit all at once.
Suddenly I had friends and acquaintances coming down with it and they had to go to the hospital. Then my wife got sick, and after 6 days suffering at home and not getting better we were able to get her admitted to the hospital. Then it all becomes very real. After another 6 days under your great care she was able to come home. I couldn’t believe how much she improved while being there. She had to have an oxygen machine for a while, but now she has completely recovered.
Thank you for being there when we needed you.

Don Hastings
Elective thanks

When it came time for a colonoscopy, I thought the hospital would schedule me next spring. Imagine my surprise when they took me in a week. The degree of careful protection against covid19 was impressive, and I felt very safe with them.
I so much want to thank Dr Qasim Salimi, Barbara, Joe, Kristin, Clay & Ashley for all their kindness, skill & attention on Dec 15.
“For lo they held my life in their hands, Yet did not damage it, instead enhancing & extending it, merely because I asked, and in the face of a terrible plague-burden…”

Susan Bensema Young

I see you. And I cannot thank you ALL enough for what you are doing. The countless hours in and out of the buildings. The precautions and procedures you endure. Everything you do is for others, and I see that. I hear that. I appreciate your passion, hard-work, drive, hospitality, and so much more. As hard as it is, please remember to take time for yourSELF. Practice self care, self love. It is important, especially in the work you are doing. Find that few minutes, at least, a day to do something you love. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. I am thinking of you all during this time, and every time. THANK YOU Mount Nittany Health!

Morgan Bechdel
SLP Krajewki

I really appreciate Ms. Elizabeth Krajewski my son Speech Therapist for her hardwork, patience and dedication to my child. Andrei continue to improve because of her gifts of nurturing, teaching and care. We have seen a tremendous growth with our child communication skills, and this gift is priceless. Even during this pandemic she still continues to give our child the therapy the he needs. She is a Hero.

Angel Gumban

After the recent passing of my husband, I was visiting my younger son and his family at State College, when I suddenly fell sick and was admitted to Mount Nittany. Five years ago I was also treated here for the same medical problem, and many of the doctors were still here. Even with the restrictions for coviid, the doctors, nurses and all staff were very attentive. The ICU doctors and nursing staff were real troopers, even though I was a very “impatient patient”, as I told them. When I returned to the regular floor, the nursing and housekeeping staff made a point to visit me and tell me how glad they were to see me so improved. It restored my belief in the goodness of the humankind, and to accept the loss of my husband a bit more. All members of nursing staff were awesome, and may I mention just a few names: Margory Price, Daniel Martin, Alley, Dawna. … I thank you all atMount Nittany for your service to mankind.
Tuhfa Zaman Ali (widow of former Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh and past Ambassador of Bangladesh to India)

Tuhfa Zaman Ali

Thank you for your courage, dedication and service! We are loving fans of Nichole Corvin and Arial Monica. God bless you!

Pam and Rod Cook
Thank You Mount Nittany Health

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Mount Nittany Health. Thank you for your planning, hard work, strength, resilience, knowledge and compassion. You are always there when we need you, especially at this very difficult time. We pray that you and your loved ones stay safe and strong. You are the best!
Gail & Dan Miller

Gail A Miller
Thank you
Lee Ann Tripp
Thank you Mount Nittany Medical Center!

To everyone at Mount Nittany Medical Center:

We thank you for the care and compassion you provide to all of your patients and families. We appreciate your tireless efforts to keep our communities healthy and safe! We appreciate all that you do!

Grane Hospice
Community member

Thank you to everyone at Mount Nittany Medical Center, from the healthcare professionals and their entire support staff, to the secretaries, volunteers, custodians, and food service staff. And thank you to the EMTs and ambulance service staff. You chose a profession, a trade, or a job, but you did not choose to be a hero. The world made that choice for you. For your service we owe you a sincere and lasting debt of gratitude.

Thank you!!

Thank you all for everything you do for the patients we serve and our coworkers. You all go above and beyond each and every day. Our MNMC staff truly show what it is to be a team – each and every department.

Natalie Barlick-Reed
Thank you, OB/GYN staff!

Thank you to the wonderful staff at the OB/GYN office. It’s a challenging time to be expecting a baby, but the doctors, nurses, front desk staff and ultrasound technicians have made all the difference.

Heroes to us all

Thank you to all the healthcare heroes that are working tirelessly to keep us safe. You are all remarkable.


My Neurologist is down with Mt. Nittany. When I changed there 3yrs ago, I got on the rt meds and the Dr. listened to me instead of ignoring what I had to say.

Danielle Geis
Prayer for the Healthcare Workers

We at RevFm wanted to Pray for the Healthcare Heroes at the Mount Nittany Medical Center. Pastor Ed Seeley of the Orbisonia United Methodist Church, so graciously stepped up to share this prayer! Thank You for all You do Mount Nittany!

Adam MOon
Community member

Thank you for your service to our community. It is my privilege to call you heroes. Keep up the great work and know your sacrifices are appreciated.

Pat Watson
Thank You So Much!

Dear friends,

I wish I could be there to say this in person, but I think about you every day. I know you for the caring, dedicated, and loyal people you are, and I hope and pray you’re all safe and healthy! Ours is a business of people caring for and about people – and nobody does it better! God bless you and thank you so much!

Steve Brown

Steve Brown
Health care workers at Mt Nittany

A simple “thank you” seems so inadequate for all that you have done and continue to do, but I know of no other to express our gratitude for your dedication during these uncertain times. Be safe. God Bless.

Tim and Sally Roberts
Thank you

So very thankful to have each of you here in our community caring for those who seek your services and caring for the community through your actions and communications. Chris Calkins

Chris Calkins
Mrs & Mr

Praying for, and a special Thank You, to all who care for us. GOD BLESS

Bryan & Margaret Goodrow
Mrs & Mr

Praying for, and a special Thank You, to all who care for us. GOD BLESS

Bryan & Margaret Goodrow
Thank you!

Thank you for all you have done and all you will continue to do!

Kira Kuhar
Thank you

Just want to say thank you all for showing up, for staying and not giving up.

Kevin D
Heroes at work 24/7/365

Thank you for all that you do!

Jace Dawson

Each day, you show up and fight for our community on the front lines. Thank you for the courageous and compassionate care that you deliver day in and day out. We appreciate it!

Darby H
Thank you

We are in awe of your ability to shine in the darkest of times. Thank you for your dedication

Thank you to our stars

Thank you to the stars of Mount Nittany Health for your light during this dark time.

Lee Ann Tripp