Here's to the heroes!

Join Mount Nittany Health in thanking healthcare workers everywhere who are laboring tirelessly on the front lines. To all our staff that keep things running, you're our heroes.

See what others are saying about their healthcare heroes, and add some praise of your own

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SLP Krajewki

I really appreciate Ms. Elizabeth Krajewski my son Speech Therapist for her hardwork, patience and dedication to my child. Andrei continue to improve because of her gifts of nurturing, teaching and care. We have seen a tremendous growth with our child communication skills, and this gift is priceless. Even during this pandemic she still continues to give our child the therapy the he needs. She is a Hero.

Angel Gumban

After the recent passing of my husband, I was visiting my younger son and his family at State College, when I suddenly fell sick and was admitted to Mount Nittany. Five years ago I was also treated here for the same medical problem, and many of the doctors were still here. Even with the restrictions for coviid, the doctors, nurses and all staff were very attentive. The ICU doctors and nursing staff were real troopers, even though I was a very “impatient patient”, as I told them. When I returned to the regular floor, the nursing and housekeeping staff made a point to visit me and tell me how glad they were to see me so improved. It restored my belief in the goodness of the humankind, and to accept the loss of my husband a bit more. All members of nursing staff were awesome, and may I mention just a few names: Margory Price, Daniel Martin, Alley, Dawna. … I thank you all atMount Nittany for your service to mankind.
Tuhfa Zaman Ali (widow of former Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh and past Ambassador of Bangladesh to India)

Tuhfa Zaman Ali

Thank you for your courage, dedication and service! We are loving fans of Nichole Corvin and Arial Monica. God bless you!

Pam and Rod Cook
Thank You Mount Nittany Health

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Mount Nittany Health. Thank you for your planning, hard work, strength, resilience, knowledge and compassion. You are always there when we need you, especially at this very difficult time. We pray that you and your loved ones stay safe and strong. You are the best!
Gail & Dan Miller

Gail A Miller
Thank you
Lee Ann Tripp
Thank you Mount Nittany Medical Center!

To everyone at Mount Nittany Medical Center:

We thank you for the care and compassion you provide to all of your patients and families. We appreciate your tireless efforts to keep our communities healthy and safe! We appreciate all that you do!

Grane Hospice
Community member

Thank you to everyone at Mount Nittany Medical Center, from the healthcare professionals and their entire support staff, to the secretaries, volunteers, custodians, and food service staff. And thank you to the EMTs and ambulance service staff. You chose a profession, a trade, or a job, but you did not choose to be a hero. The world made that choice for you. For your service we owe you a sincere and lasting debt of gratitude.

Thank you!!

Thank you all for everything you do for the patients we serve and our coworkers. You all go above and beyond each and every day. Our MNMC staff truly show what it is to be a team – each and every department.

Natalie Barlick-Reed
Thank you, OB/GYN staff!

Thank you to the wonderful staff at the OB/GYN office. It’s a challenging time to be expecting a baby, but the doctors, nurses, front desk staff and ultrasound technicians have made all the difference.

Heroes to us all

Thank you to all the healthcare heroes that are working tirelessly to keep us safe. You are all remarkable.


My Neurologist is down with Mt. Nittany. When I changed there 3yrs ago, I got on the rt meds and the Dr. listened to me instead of ignoring what I had to say.

Danielle Geis
Prayer for the Healthcare Workers

We at RevFm wanted to Pray for the Healthcare Heroes at the Mount Nittany Medical Center. Pastor Ed Seeley of the Orbisonia United Methodist Church, so graciously stepped up to share this prayer! Thank You for all You do Mount Nittany!

Adam MOon
Community member

Thank you for your service to our community. It is my privilege to call you heroes. Keep up the great work and know your sacrifices are appreciated.

Pat Watson
Thank You So Much!

Dear friends,

I wish I could be there to say this in person, but I think about you every day. I know you for the caring, dedicated, and loyal people you are, and I hope and pray you’re all safe and healthy! Ours is a business of people caring for and about people – and nobody does it better! God bless you and thank you so much!

Steve Brown

Steve Brown
Health care workers at Mt Nittany

A simple “thank you” seems so inadequate for all that you have done and continue to do, but I know of no other to express our gratitude for your dedication during these uncertain times. Be safe. God Bless.

Tim and Sally Roberts
Thank you

So very thankful to have each of you here in our community caring for those who seek your services and caring for the community through your actions and communications. Chris Calkins

Chris Calkins
Mrs & Mr

Praying for, and a special Thank You, to all who care for us. GOD BLESS

Bryan & Margaret Goodrow
Mrs & Mr

Praying for, and a special Thank You, to all who care for us. GOD BLESS

Bryan & Margaret Goodrow
Thank you!

Thank you for all you have done and all you will continue to do!

Kira Kuhar
Thank you

Just want to say thank you all for showing up, for staying and not giving up.

Kevin D
Heroes at work 24/7/365

Thank you for all that you do!

Jace Dawson

Each day, you show up and fight for our community on the front lines. Thank you for the courageous and compassionate care that you deliver day in and day out. We appreciate it!

Darby H
Thank you

We are in awe of your ability to shine in the darkest of times. Thank you for your dedication

Thank you to our stars

Thank you to the stars of Mount Nittany Health for your light during this dark time.

Lee Ann Tripp